Restarting rstudio server to resolve hangs

Restarting rstudio to resolve hangs

Every so often rstudio IDE environment can hang and become unresponsive. There multiple reasons for this to happen, from hanging jobs/sessions to rstudio trying to restore potentially problematic last used versions of projects. These document provides steps to return the workflow/Rstudio to working state.

Note 1: This doc is specific to Metworx Workflows 20.x and later.
Warning: These steps will kill running jobs and would require jobs to be resubmitted.

Additional Info Depending on what you want to achieve, you also may want to adjust your project/user settings


  1. From Metworx dashboard or workflow notification email, click on "Destkop" and login to your desktop environment for the workflow OpenDeskop
  2. In the opened deskop, open a terminal window(Konsole). OpenKonsole
  3. If running jobs are supected to cause the issue, kill all running sessions. This will kill all running sessions/jobs

    #killall rsession 
  4. If Loading/user configuration is suspected to cause the issue, reset settings to default
 #cd ~
 #mv .rstudio/ .rstudio.old

DANGER ZONE: You also might want to consider removing additional configuration directories

Location When to remove
~/.config/rstudio/ When want to remove all user settings (Global Options) lost
~/.local/share/rstudio/ When want to reset open files and tabs
~/.rstudio/ Cleans out all active and suspended sessions

For example, if want to remove ALL user settings, you would also do

#mv ~/.config/rstudio ~/.config/rstudio.od 
  1. Restart Rstudio service

    # sudo service rstudio-server restart
  2. Reload rstudio browser window. You now should be able to open your prior project or create a new project.