Getting started with RStudio Connect

RStudio Connect

RStudio Connect is a new feature available in Metworx for the metworx-20.x series workflows. This provides users a single-click deployment of shiny apps to their Metworx workflow. It gives users the ability manage collaborators across their own personally deployed shiny app as well as make quick and easy adjustments to their apps from anywhere. Getting started is easy!

Account Creation

By default, all Metworx workflows with the proper machine image will automatically come bundled with RStudio Connect enabled. To navigate to it, go to the /rsconnect url of your workflow url (ie:

By default, the metworx user you use to login to Rstudio/Guacamole is also provisioned as an admin user on Rstudio connect. The first time a disk is attached to a 20.x series workflow, it will auto-provision a file located at ~/.rsconnectpassword. You may open that file via Rstudio, the rstudio terminal, or guacamole. Inside the file you will find the default password for your user. It will look like a long string of numbers and letters.

For example, using the cat utility from the terminal:

devinp@ip-10-128-33-126:$ cat ~/.rsconnectpassword

shows a password of 9d02469e-5115-4459-83f9-15ac90de17cb. This password will be unique for each new disk.

RStudio Connect Dashboard

NOTE: If you use the same disk image for every workflow instance, you may need to only do this once! Account information data for RStudio Connect will saved on the disk image.

Now you're ready to connect it to RStudio!