Publishing Scenarios

In this doc we will cover different publishing scenarios/situations you may encounter while using RStudio Connect.

Updating Apps as a Collaborator

Updating apps as a collaborator is also very easy!

As a collaborator you'll just need to just Sign Up as a user at the owner's workflow RStudio Connect instance.

Once that's done, the administrator of the instance will need to do the following:

  • Change the user's status from viewer to publisher or higher. This can be done by navigating to the People tab, clicking on the user you wish to change, and then Edit changing permissions
  • After that you'll need to add the user as a collaborator. You can do this by going to your the app's settings page and adding the user underneat Who can change this application collaborator

Now as a collaborator, you can just add a new publishing url like you would normally do for your own app and publish updates!

Transfering Apps across machines

In a scenario where either you're working by yourself or with a group of collaborators on an app, all of you will need to have access to updating the same app across different machines,