NONMEM error - nmqual is not installed

NONMEM error - nmqual is not installed

Description of the Problem

This guidance pertains to a common warning when running PsN code on 20.x workflows.

The error looks similar to the following:

Option nmqual is set and /opt/NONMEM/nm74gf_nmfe is set for -nm_version=default but PsN cannot find in /opt/NONMEM/nm74gf_nmfe or in /opt/NONMEM/nm74gf_nmfe/nmqualat /usr/local/share/perl/5.26.1/PsN_4_9_0/tool/ line 308.

NMQual has been routinely utilized by MetrumRG and others to facilitate the installation, qualification, and running of NONMEM®.

On Metworx 20.x series, multiple versions of NONMEM are installed side by side.

You can directly see the versions available on a workflow by running the command: psn -nm_version

which will return something similar to:

Version String Path Version
nm74_gf /opt/NONMEM/nm74gf 7.4
default /opt/NONMEM/nm74gf 7.4
nm73_nmfe /opt/NONMEM/nm73gf_nmfe 7.3
nm74_nmfe /opt/NONMEM/nm74gf_nmfe 7.4
nm73_gf /opt/NONMEM/nm73gf 7.3
  • The default is /opt/NONMEM/nm74gf,7.4
  • The versions with '_nmfe' are NOT NMQual installs


Though the default version is NMQual capable, by default it will not use nmqual. To use nmqual, you must either explicitly provide a nonmem version or provide the -nmqual flag.

To be completely explicit you may do the following:

execute <run> -nm_version=nm74_gf
execute <run> -nmqual

Pirana solution

In pirana, make sure the execute command follows one of the above patterns



You will know this was successful when you see the additional nmqual information around being run:

Pirana: starting execute on run106.mod
Starting 1 NONMEM executions. 1 in parallel.
S:1 .. 
All executions started.
>perl /opt/NONMEM/nm74gf/nmqual/ /opt/NONMEM/nm74gf/nmqual/log.xml meta
/data/pirana_examples/modelfit_dir15/NM_run1>/opt/NONMEM/nm74gf/util/nmfe74 ce psn.ctl psn.lst
/data/pirana_examples/modelfit_dir15/NM_run1>if [ -e psn.xml ];then cat psn.xml;else echo \<nofile/\>; fi
>cat /opt/NONMEM/nm74gf/nmqual/log.xml
F:1 .. 
execute done