Working with Disks


This document details creating monitoring and monitoring space usage of metworx disks.

** Creating New Disk**

New Disk

This option allows you to create a new disk with a size of your liking.

Choose a memorable name for the disk you want to create.

Then, choose the size of the disk. It can range from 5GB to 16TB.

Using Existing Disk

Existing Disk

This option allows you to use an existing disk for your workflow.

Existing Disk Dropdown

Within the dropdown list, you can select an already existing disk that you created previously on a different workflow.

Resizing a Disk

If you run out of space on a disk or need to increase its capacity for any reason, here are the steps you should take:

  1. Delete your current workflow
  2. Select a new workflow template from your Dashboard.
  3. Within your new workflow template configuration, select 'Existing Disk' and choose the disk which you would like to scale up in size.
  4. Re-scale the existing disk's Disk Size to your desired capacity.

Update Existing Disk Size

  1. Once you've increased the existing disk size, launch your workflow and once it is Active, your Disk Size will be increased.

NOTE: You cannot reduce the size of an existing disk.

Monitoring Disk Space Consumption

You can view the amount of disk space being used within your workflow via your Metworx Dashboard:

Disk Consumption

Also, you can check disk space from the terminal by running the following command:

df -h /data

Your output will look similar to this:

$ df -h /data

Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on

/dev/nvme1n1    4.8G  459M  4.1G  10% /data

It is strongly recomended to keep disk space utilization under 75% at all times.