Logging into a Workflow


This article provides instructions for logging into Metworx. If your organization is using an Active Directory (AD) integration, this article is not applicable.

Logging in to Metworx Dashboard

When logging into the Metworx dashboard you are presented with two options, standard log in or single sign on (SSO) log in.

Standard Login

For a standard login, type your email address and password.

Standard Login

Single Sign On (SSO) Login

For SSO login, type your organization name and email address. If your organization is set up for SSO integration to Metworx, SSO credentials must be used to log in either via this method or via an application login procedure directed by your organization.

SSO Login

Setting your Workflow Password

Create a password when initially setting up a new workflow, as prompted.

password form field

This password is used when logging in to different Metworx software such as RStudio Workbench, and the Guacamole remote desktop.

For example, if you launch RStudio from your workflow, you are then prompted to enter this username and password. Note, you will only see the option to create a password if your organization is not AD/SSO integrated.

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User Login Details

Once the workflow becomes active, a blue User button is displayed in the Metworx dashboard. Click User to display your workflow login information:

User Workflow