MPN overview

Metrum Package Network is a solution that provides monthly snapshots of a curated subset of CRAN, github, and metrum-developed packages. Each snapshot contains an immutable set of packages that match across windows, OSX, and linux to provide reproducible, consistent cross platform package installations.

In addition, effort is made to provide rich documentation for all packages and versions available in the snapshots.


  1. chosen snapshot version canonical URL's are available for to point to the repo easily. For example:
- MPN:
  1. package version differences can be seen easily over time.
  2. When a package was made available can be identified by checking if an empty field is present in older snapshot version

MPN is freely available for anyone to use. In addition, Metrum provides a subscription to "MPN Pro" which provides support for MPN and recommended tools for interacting with MPN (eg pkgr), the ability to request new packages, and additional documentation around the qualification and testing performed on packages when creating new snapshots. Please reach out if you would like to learn more about MPN Pro!