Publishing an App

Publishing an app is easy! Once you open a valid Shiny App project in RStudio, navigate to one of the following R Scripts that are part of the app: ui.R, server.R, app.R, global.R. A Publish Button should appear on the top right of the code window. It's a blue circular icon next to Run App button.

Publish Button

Clicking on it will reveal the available accounts connected and then you can simply select the files you wish to upload along with the app and click Publish!


It will bundle your app and transfer it to the RStudio Connect instance on your workflow.

Note: This might take a while depending on your app size

You should see something like this printed out in the Deploy console when it's sucessfully done:

Application successfully deployed to
Deployment completed:

No Available Publishing Accounts

You may be prompted by this window if you have no available publishing accounts:

add publishing account

If this happens, click Next and follow the instructions outlined in the previous step

Updating Published Apps

Updating published apps is easy! Simply click on the Publish Button again after making changes to your app and an Update Tab should appear. Just click Publish again and your app should update.


For more publishing scenarios, check out this doc.