IP Addresses in Metworx

NOTE If your organization uses a VPN to access metworx through your corporate firewall, no IP address should be needed to be configured and the information below is not relevant.

When launching a workflow, there is an "access from" field that populates with your current IP address at the time of launch. If you start a workflow in one location (e.g. the office), then want to re-connect to it from another location (e.g. while working from home), you will need to update the IP address.

Updating your "access from" address in Metworx when changing locations

For dealing with ipv6 addresses please see the section at the bottom of this page.

One of the security features in Metworx is the "access from" setting when creating a workflow. This setting limits access to the workflow resources (RStudio, Guacamole Desktop, and SSH) from the IP address (i.e. network address) of the computer you were using when the workflow was created.

Your address is learned by Metworx when you click in the "access from" text box in the workflow creation form.

Figure 1

Obviously, from time to time, you are going to have a workflow that you need to access from a different address than the one you were at when you created it (i.e. you created it in the office and you need to finish your work at home).

In order to access your workflow from a new/different address, assuming you don't want to relaunch it from your new location, you can use the "Update" feature to change the "access from" parameter.

Figure 2

In the Update form that you are directed to, click on the "Access From" box to get your new IP and click "Update".

Figure 3

On your Dashboard, your workflow will appear in an "Update In Progress" status (blue)

Figure 4

When it is finished, it will go back to "Completed" status (green) and you will see your new IP in the workflow detail. Test RStudio to see if you can access with this new address.

Figure 5

NOTE this field requires an IPv4 address, which looks like The field may populate with an IPv6 address that looks something like 2601:182:200:2f59:a5d4:1c13:f109:5123. Please file a support ticket if this occurs and we can help determine what a suitable IPv4 address will be.