Launching Workflows

  1. To start a Metworx Workflow, first log in to the Metworx Dashboard.

Figure 1

  1. Look for the Start a new Workflow area on the right-hand side, then click the Launch button for one of the available workflows (e.g. Performance).

Figure 2

  1. Fill in the form fields with the necessary settings for your workflow. You can set minimum and maximum cluster sizes, and/or check the box to maintain the initial cluster size. Fields will turn green when valid settings are entered, or red if settings are invalid.

Figure 3

  1. You may choose to create a New Disk for the workflow, or you can start a workflow that uses an Existing Disk. If creating a New Disk, you will need to provide a name for the disk, and a size in GB. If you are using an Existing Disk, the Name and Size fields for the New Disk option must be blank.

Figure 4

  1. If necessary, enter Tags such as [{"Key": "MyKey", "Value": "MyValue"}].

Figure 5

  1. The Access from field will be filled out automatically to your computer's current IP address. In the future, if you need to access this workflow from another location, you can update this field to a new IP address. If you encounter issues due to an IPv6 address, you can convert the IPv6 address to an IPv4 address.

Figure 6

  1. Create and confirm a password for the Workflow, then click the checkbox that indicates you accept the METWORX Services Agreement. Finally, click the Launch Workflow button.

Figure 7

  1. You will be returned to the Metworx Dashboard, where you will see a message that the Workflow instance was successfully started. While the Workflow is starting, the Active Workflow will be displayed with a blue background. It may take up to 20 minutes to start a Workflow. In most cases, users can run 4 workflows concurrently.

Figure 8

  1. When the Workflow has finished launching, the Active Workflow will be displayed with a green background.

Figure 9