Configure Metworx Organization with AWS credentials

Step-by-Step Video:

  1. In AWS, add AWS API credentials to a service user

    1. Log in to AWS and switch to IAM service
    2. Under Users, find a service user that has been provisioned
    3. Click on "Create Access Keys" to generate new access/secret keys CreateAPIKeys
  2. Paste Access/Secret Keys to the Metworx Organization

    1. In a different browser window, as an OrgAdmin, open metworx gui portal and go to Admin->Edit Credentials from the top menu. AWSAccountCreds
    2. Paste Access/Secret Keys into the form fields in Metworx PasteAPIKeys
    3. Fill in Availability Zone (which same availability zone that the subnet that metworx workflows will use is in)
    4. Fill in AWS User ID, which is actually AWS Account Number
    5. Click on "Update Organization" all the way at the bottom of the screat
  3. Configure AWS Instance Role and VPC / Subnet

    1. Go back under edit organization, and, from the drop-down, select AWS Instance Role, VPC and VPC subnet.
    2. If the workflows are to be provisioned in a public subnet, click on the box to enable public IPs. Otherwise, leave it unchecked.
    3. Click on Update organization to save the settings.