Backups of data on Metworx Workflows

Backing up data on Metworx workflows

This document describes data protection provided by the Metworx platform and discusses considerations for implementing backups.

How does Metworx protect data.

On Metworx workflows, "/data" filesystem is a separate elastic block storage volume, also known as a disk , that persists after the workflow is deleted and can be mounted on the next workflow creation. It is backed up via AWS snapshots daily, AND every time the workflow is terminated/deleted. Last 7 backups (snapshots) of the data disk are maintained.

Recommendations for backup.

For the customers, it is not necessary to backup any of the Metworx workflow infrastructure other than the data on the disk/volume.

The exact details of backup implementation depend the on customer's established practices and requirements. For example, if a customer's requirements say it it is acceptable to keep data in repositories that are external to Metworx, such as Github, Gitlab, or NFS appliances, Metworx can back up to those locations.

However, if it is required by the business, it is certainly possible to maintain additional local backups AND cross-region replicated snapshots of the "/data" value with the AWS Backup Service. For more details on the AWS Backup Service, click here:

Using the AWS Backup Service, the frequency of backups and replication, as well as retention policy, can be set in accordance with the organization's practices and policies. To assign the data disk to be backed up with the AWS Backup plan, you want to select the Tag key "aws:cloudformation:logical-id", and tag value "SharedVolume" (as shown in the image below).

Note: For workflow versions starting with 20.09 and newer, you can also use tag "MetrumRG:Backup" with value "Default" to assign resources to be backed up via a backup policy.

assign backup resources